22:22 02.02.2018
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Machine Head — Old

Machine Head — Old [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Machine Head's video for 'Old' from the album, Burn My Eyes — available now on Roadrunner Records.


I am the man that defends all things profane
6000 years is the time that I shall reign
And with a grin drank the blood of holy swine
Impurity made the blood turn into wine

Old man, dead hand
If only their insanity
The lie feeds off their greed
Jesus wept

I am the pain that feeds off your weakness
A sickening born of hate, not of the blessed
And with the time I will crush all things you prey
Destroying all from the known to the arcane

Burn my eyes and try to blind me
Bury me so they won't find me
Try to suck my power empty
Got no crown of thorns on me

So burn my eyes and try to blind me
Bury me so they won't find
Try to suck my power dry
You got no crown of thorns on me


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