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Led Zeppelin — Black Dog

Led Zeppelin — Black Dog — Celebration Day [OFFICIAL]

Amazing live performance of Led Zeppelin, the greatest rock band in history, performing "Black Dog" in front of a sold out crowd at the O2 arena.

Авторы: James Patrick (jimmy) Page / Robert Anthony Plant / John Paul Jones
Текст песни "Black Dog", © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


Hey, hey mama said the way you move
Gon' make you sweat, gon' make you groove
Ah ah child way ya shake that thing
Gon' make you burn, gon' make you sting
Hey, hey baby when you walk that way
Watch your honey drip, I can't keep away

Oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah
Oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah
Oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah
Oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah

I gotta roll I can't stand still
Got a flamin' heart can't get my fill
With eyes that shine, burnin' red
Dreams of you all through my head

Ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Hey baby, whoa my baby, my pretty baby
Darlin' makes 'em do it now
Hey baby, oh my baby, my pretty baby
Move the way you're doin' now

Didn't take too long 'fore I found out
What people mean by down and out
Spent my money, took my car
Started tellin' her friends she gon' be a star
I don't know but I been told
A big legged woman ain't got no soul

Oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah
Oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah
Oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah
Oh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, yeah

All I ask for all I pray
Steady rollin' woman gon' come my way
Need a woman gonna hold my hand
Won't tell me no lies, make me a happy man

Ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah

Oh yeah
Darlin' makes 'em do it now
Yeah-yeah. yeah-yeah. yeah-yeah
Darlin' makes 'em do it now
Babe! babe!
Wooh, keep doin' it babe

(Busted) hey
(Busted) hey
(Busted) hey

hey, yeah
(Busted) hey, yeah
(Busted) hey, yeah
Oh, yeah

(Well done)

Darlin' makes 'em do it now
Darlin' makes 'em do it now


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Дети знакомятся с Led Zeppelin


Led Zeppelin reacted to by Kids! Video links below!


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Creators & Executive Producers — Benny Fine & Rafi Fine
Head of Post Production — Nick Bergthold
Sr. Associate Producer — Kyle Segal
Associate Producer — Ethan Weiser
Production Coordinator — Cynthia Garcia
Production Assistant — Lauren Hutchinson, Oscar Ramos, Jayden Romero
Editor — Jordan Towles
Assistant Editor — Karen Rivas
Director of Production — Drew Roder
Assistant Production Coordinator — Kristy Kiefer
Post Supervisor — Adam Speas, David Valbuena
Set design — Melissa Judson
Music — Joseph Carrillo

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