07:46 21.04.2019
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Gama Bomb — Terrorscope

GAMA BOMB — Terrorscope (2013) // official clip // AFM Records

Producer / Director / Camera / Editor: Sean Duncan
Production Assistant: James-Alexander Johnson

Метки: Thrash metal, Gama Bomb
12:02 19.04.2019
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thrash metal

Метки: Thrash metal
22:22 07.04.2019
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Diviner — Heaven Falls

Diviner — Heaven Falls [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Official music video for "Heaven Falls", the first single from the new Diviner album "Realms of Time".

"Realms of Time" will be released on June 7th on CD, LP and digital via Ulterium Records.

Video directed by JoHn Nikolopoulos
Special thanks to Nick Brack for all his help and support.

22:22 27.03.2019
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Tonic Breed — Strife

Tonic Breed: Strife [Official Music Video]

Strife [Official Music Video]
From the album "Outsold"

Director: Oscar Birk Hellenes
Filmed in April 2015 in Østfold, Norway
Video Premiere Date: May 18, 2015

Special Thanks: Höegh Eiendom and OMNI Produksjon

© 2015 Tonic Breed

22:22 25.03.2019
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Kreator — Enemy of God

KREATOR — Enemy of God — Bloodstock 2017

Kreator — Enemy of God — Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2017

Title Track : Enemy of God
Ronnie James Dio Stage

22:22 14.03.2019
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Onslaught — A Perfect Day To Die

ONSLAUGHT — A Perfect Day To Die // Official Music Video // AFM Records

Метки: Thrash metal, Onslaught
22:22 11.03.2019
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Metallica — Here Comes Revenge

Metallica: Here Comes Revenge (Official Music Video)

From the album "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" available everywhere on November 18.

Directed by Jessica Cope
Produced by Alex Halley
© 2016 Blackened Recordings

22:22 02.03.2019
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Iced Earth — Anthem


Director: Kosch Fabian Film

22:22 28.02.2019
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Tonic Breed — Crypto Knight

Tonic Breed: Crypto Knight (Official Music Video)

Crypto Knight [Official Music Video]

Filmed in July 2018 in Norway
Video Premiere Date: February 05, 2019

Made by: Patrik K. Svendsen and Oscar Birk
Photo: Oscar Birk Hellenes and Christian Bedsvaag

© 2019 Tonic Breed

22:22 25.02.2019
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Tonic Breed — Install Memory

Tonic Breed: Install Memory (Official Music Video)

Install Memory [Official Music Video]

Filmed in July 2018 in Norway
Video Premiere Date: September 01, 2018

Made by: Patrik K. Svendsen
Photo: Oscar Birk Hellenes

© 2018 Tonic Breed

11:11 18.02.2019
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Metallica — Disposable Heroes

Metallica — Disposable Heroes (Live in Mexico City) [Orgullo, Pasión, y Gloria]

Disposable Heroes (Live in Mexico City)
Recorded live on June 6, 2009 at Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico

22:22 11.02.2019
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Gwar — I’ll Be Your Monster

22:22 07.02.2019
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Bathory — One Rode To Asa Bay

Bathory — One Rode To Asa Bay (Music Video with Lyrics)

From Hammerheart.


One man rode the way through the woods
Down to Asa bay
Where dragon ships had sailed to sea
More times than one could say
To see with own eyes the wonder
People told of from man to man
The God of all almightyness
Had arrived from a foreign land

The rumours told of a man
Who had come from the other side the seas
Carrying gold cross around neck in chain
And spoke in strange tongue of peace
He had come with strange men in armour
Dressed in purple shirts and lace
Smelling not of beer but flowers
And with no hair in face

And the bold man carrying cross
Had told all one of Asa bay
The God of all man woman child had come
To them all save
And to thank Lord of Heaven
One should build to God a house
And to save one's soul from Hell
One should be baptised and say vows

A man of pride with the Hammer told new God
To build his house on own
And spoke loud of the Gods of their fathers
Not too long time gone
The rumours said the man with a beard like fire
And the Hammer in chain
By men in armour silenced was and by
Their swords was slain

Those who did not pay the one coin
Of four to man of new God
Whipped was twenty and put in chains then locked
By their neck to the log (To the log...)
And so all of Asa bay did build
A house of the cross
Every hour of daylight they did sweat
Limbs ached because faith does cost

And on the day two hundred
There it stood white to the sky
The house of the God of the cross
Big enough to take two dragon ships inside
And all of Asa bay did watch
The wonder raise to the sky
Now must the God of the cross be pleased
And satisfied

Just outside the circle of the crowd
One old man did stand
He looked across the waters
And blotted the sun out of his eyes with one hand
And his old eyes could almost see
The dragon ships set sail
And his old ears could almost hear
Men of great numbers call out Oden's hail

And though he did know already
Though he turned face towards sky
And whispered silent words forgotten
Spoken only way up high
Now this house of a foreign God does stand
Now must they leave us alone
Still he heard from somewhere in the woods
Old crow of wisdom say
...people of Asa land, it's only just begun...


Source:~ In Memory Of Quorthon (DVD)

Album:~ Hammerheart (1990)

Genre:~ Viking Metal

22:22 04.02.2019
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Kiuas — The Decaying Doctrine

KIUAS — The Decaying Doctrine

Kiuas — The Decaying Doctrine (The New Dark Age, Spinefarm Records 2008). Video directed by Owe Lingwall of Village Road Film.

22:22 07.01.2019
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Metallica — Seek & Destroy

Metallica — Seek & Destroy (Live) [Quebec Magnetic]

From the DVD/Blu-Ray release Quebec Magnetic

Seek & Destroy (Live)
Recorded live on October 31, 2009 at Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec

© 2009 Metallica

22:22 02.01.2019
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Metallica — Now That We’re Dead

Metallica: Now That We're Dead (Official Music Video)

Directed by Herring & Herring
Edited by Jeremiah Bruckart

© 2016 Blackened Recordings

01:31 01.01.2019
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Metallica — The Four Horsemen

Metallica — The Four Horsemen (Live) [Quebec Magnetic]

The Four Horsemen (Live)
Recorded live on November 1, 2009 at Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec

© 2009 Metallica

22:22 06.12.2018
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Rifftera — Lightbringer

Rifftera — Lightbringer

Rifftera's debut album, Pitch Black, will be released on 28th of August 2015 via Inverse Records. Lightbringer is 3rd track from the album.

This video contains footage from the Pitch Black’s creation process. It shows the extreme level of professionalism by amazingly skilled musicians in the most hi-tech recording locations.

Video by Janne Hietala.

22:22 04.12.2018
Maks Murdock опубликовал запись

Metallica — Atlas, Rise!

Metallica: Atlas, Rise! (Official Music Video)

From the album "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" available everywhere on November 18.

Directed by Clark Eddy
Filmed by Jeff Yeager

© 2016 Blackened Recordings

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