22:22 16.11.2018
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Iron Maiden — Dance of Death

The Tales Of The Iron Maiden — DANCE OF DEATH

The MaidenCartoons Video Clip Version by Val Andrade

Метки: heavy metal, Iron Maiden, Tales
22:22 14.11.2018
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Iron Maiden — Alexander The Great

The Tales Of The Iron Maiden — ALEXANDER THE GREAT

The MaidenCartoons Video Clip Version by Val Andrade

Метки: heavy metal, Iron Maiden, Tales
22:22 13.11.2018
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Slipknot — The Devil In I

22:22 09.11.2018
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Iron Maiden — Heaven Can Wait

The Tales Of The Iron Maiden — HEAVEN CAN WAIT

The MaidenCartoons Video Clip Version by Val Andrade

Метки: heavy metal, Iron Maiden, Tales
22:55 08.11.2018
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Disturbed — Inside The Fire

22:22 04.11.2018
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Icarus Witch — Goodbye Cruel World

Icarus Witch — "Goodbye Cruel World"

The first video and single from the upcoming Icarus Witch album 'Goodbye Cruel World' on Cleopatra Records

Music credits:
Vocals — Andrew D'Cagna
Guitar — Quinn Lukas
Bass — Jason Myers
Drums —Jon Rice

• Music engineered by Shane Mayer for Cerebral Audio Productions, Pittsburgh, PA •
• Music mixed & pre-produced by Neil Kernon, Chicago, IL
• Vocals produced by Andrew D'Cagna at Sacred Sound Recording, Martins Ferry, Ohio
• Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Stockholm, Sweden •

Video credits:
• Filmed and edited by Shane Mayer
• Directed by Jason Myers
• Production assistance by Aubrianna Veitz
• Special thanks to Bill Meinhardt Jr.

All music written by Icarus Witch and published by Nemeton Sounds (ASCAP) and Dimension Gate (BMI)

℗© 2018 Cleopatra Records, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws

Метки: heavy metal, Icarus Witch
22:55 02.11.2018
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Arthemis — Vortex

ARTHEMIS — Vortex [ Official Video ]

Stunning face-melting video clip of the Heavy-Thrash Metallers ARTHEMIS. "VORTEX" is the single taken from their album "HEROES" out on Crash & Burn Records / Helvete & Hate Records.

Director "Elia Turra" for Dirt Design Creative Artworks


22:22 22.10.2018
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Black Sabbath — God Is Dead?

22:22 21.10.2018
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W.A.S.P. — Lake of Fools

W.A.S.P. — Lake of Fools

22:22 19.10.2018
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Sabaton — The Last Stand

SABATON — The Last Stand (Official Music Video)

The official video clip for Sabaton's The Last Stand, taken from the album of the same title.

======= "The Last Stand" SONG STORY =======

The story of the 189 brave soldiers in the Swiss guard during the sacking of Rome in 1527.
Since Charles V, ruler of the holy roman empire couldn’t pay his troops they mutinied and forced their commander to lead them towards Rome where plunder was plentiful.
When the invading force entered the vatican pope Clement VII escaped to Castel Sant’Angelo via passetto di Borgo.
The few remaining guardsmen gave their lives on the steps to St. Peters Basilica.

======= "The Last Stand" LYRICS =======

In the heart of Holy See
In the home of Christianity
The Seat of power is in danger

There's a foe of a thousand swords
They've been abandoned by their lords
Their fall from grace will pave their path, to damnation

Then the 189
In the service of heaven
They’re protecting the holy line
It was 1527, gave their lives on the steps to heaven
Thy will be done!

For the grace, for the might of our lord
For the home of the holy
For the faith, for the way of the sword
Gave their lives so boldly

For the grace, for the might of our lord
In the name of his glory
For the faith, for the way of the sword
Come and tell their story again

Under guard of 42
Along a secret avenue
Castel Saint'Angelo is waiting

They’re the guard of the Holy See
They’re the guards of Christianity
Their path to history is paved with salvation

Dying for salvation with dedication
No Capitulation, annihilation
Papal commendation, reincarnation
Heaven is your destination

In the name of god

Gave their lives so boldly
Come and tell the Swiss guards story again


22:22 18.10.2018
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Metal Church — No Tomorrow


METAL CHURCH "NO TOMORROW" / OFFICIAL 2016 VIDEO / from their CD "XI" featuring the return of Mike Howe!

Produced by Jamie Chamberlin of Black Dahlia Films

22:22 09.10.2018
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KISS — Sure Know Something

KISS Sure Know Something Official Video 1979

22:22 07.10.2018
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Wizard — Iron War

Wizard — Iron War (Subtitulos Lyrics Español English)

Grupo/Band: Wizard
Canción/Song: Iron War
Disco/Álbum: Head of the Deceiver
Año/Year: 2001
Genero: Power Metal, Speed Metal
País/Origin: Germany (Alemania)

22:22 03.10.2018
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Nazareth — Tattooed On My Brain

Nazareth — "Tattooed On My Brain" (Official Music Video)

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary as a band in 2018, Nazareth is marking the occasion with a hard rocking new album, “Tattooed On My Brain”. Scheduled for release on Frontiers Music srl on October 12, 2018, the album will be available on CD, LP, and digital formats. "Tattooed On My Brain" is their 24th full length album and the first to feature new vocalist Carl Sentance (ex-Persian Risk, Don Airey).

While it is difficult to sum up in few words the history and the influence on the history of rock that an act like Nazareth has had, there is no doubt that they have left an indelible mark. The band originally formed in Dumferline, Scotland in 1968, releasing their eponymous debut album in 1971. The band broke through to a larger audience when, after supporting Deep Purple on tour, they released the Roger Glover-produced “Razamanaz” album in early 1973. A string of hit records including “Loud 'N’ Proud”, “Rampant”, and their biggest success "Hair of the Dog" (featuring the smash hits "Hair Of The Dog" and "Love Hurts") followed, cementing the band's legacy in the history of hard rock. Nazareth continued on throughout the '80s and '90s, making new studio albums and touring the world.

In 2014, original singer Dan McCafferty had to leave the band for health reasons and with his blessing, Carl Sentance is now fronting the legendary band. Rejuvenated and as energetic as ever, Nazareth is back with an album that firmly shows their roots, but also sees the band progressing forward and seeing the future. These songs are infection, hooky and instantly memorable....just as you'd expect from Nazareth!

11:40 30.09.2018
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Метки: heavy metal, сердце
22:11 28.09.2018
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Orden Ogan — We Are Pirates!

ORDEN OGAN — We Are Pirates! — NEW VERSION (2010)

New version (sound updated) of ORDEN OGAN´s video clip "We Are Pirates!". The new ORDEN OGAN album "Easton Hope" will be released on January 22nd (Germany) and January 25th (rest of Europe).

22:22 25.09.2018
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Metallica — The Day That Never Comes

Metallica — The Day That Never Comes (Live) [Quebec Magnetic]

From the DVD/Blu-Ray release Quebec Magnetic

The Day That Never Comes (Live)
Recorded live on November 1, 2009 at Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec

© 2009 Metallica

22:22 12.09.2018
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Uriah Heep — July Morning


22:22 08.09.2018
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Taramis — Lord Of The Blackfields

taramis 'lord of the blackfields' austrailian tv! killer aust heavy metal from the 80s!

thanks lemmy for the hook up!
long live taramis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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